ESNM Newsletter - January 2016



To Serhat Bor as he has been elected President of the Turkish Society of Gastroenterology.
To Jan Tack for receiving the Research Award of UEG.
To Mira Wouters and Andreas Stengel for winning the UEG Rising Star Award 2016.

Top 10 Abstracts on Neurogastroenterology
from UEG Week 2015

The Steering Committee of ESNM has selected the abstracts from UEGWeek 2016 relating to neurogastroenterology and rated the top-10 best considering an even distribution on basic (b), translational (t) and clinical (c) abstracts. These are shown in rank order below.
We sincerely congratulate the authors and look forward to see the full publications and to follow their future research!

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What was new in 2015? Diagnostic tools for upper GI function

The Experts of the ESNM Steering Committee have selected the most relevant topics on Diagnostic tools for upper GI fuction.

The Israeli Group of Neurogastroenterology (ING) 2001-2015

In Israel, being a gastroenterologist means that you have already completed your 4-5 yrs residency in Internal Medicine and then, another 2-3 yrs residency in Gastroenterology (board exams and licenses). Then, becoming a neurogastroenterologist is only a question of personal choice since there is no structured training program for this sub-sub-specialty of gastroenterology. Since 2012, we have worked hard on a syllabus for those who wish to practice neurogastroenterology.

Outlook on Upcomming ESNM Endorsed events

  • COST Acton BM1106 GENIEUR Training School and Final Conference, Heidelberg, Germany, March 11-15, 2016

  • IBS Bologna Days 2016 – Bologna, Italy, June 8-10, 2016

  • Annual Meeting of the French NeurogastroEnterology Society (GFNG) Rouen, France, June 23-24, 2016
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Review on ESNM Endorsed event

COST Action BM1106 GENIEUR Autumn Meeting Barcelona

The COST Action BM1106 GENIEUR (The Genes in Irritable Bowel Syndrome Research Network Europe, Autumn Meeting Barcelona took place on October 29-30, 2015 at the nh hotel Stadium in Barcelona. Currently, 21 European countries are members of the Action as well as the three overseas countries Australia, Chile and the USA.
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