ESNM Newsletter June 2015

NeuroGASTRO Istanbul 2015, THANK YOU!

The first stand alone ESNM Meeting after a long time, took place on June 4 – 6, 2015 in Istanbul and was a great success.  We are proud to announce that more than 500 delegates from over 46 countries around the world contributed to a fantastic meeting.

Many thanks to engaged audience, as well as the extraordinary faculty, which contributed to an outstanding quality of lectures, free presentations and the lively discussion in the meeting rooms as well as during the poster sessions.

More recordings will be soon available online.

The ESNM Office has moved!

We are happy to announce that the ESNM Office has moved to a new location. Now the office is located in the venue of the Vienna Medical Academy.

Endorsed Event: Annual Meeting of the Israeli Neurogastroenterology Group

The Israeli Neurogastroenterology Group had its annual meeting focused on motility disorders of the upper GI tract (dyspepsia and GERD) and on constipation. In addition they had a special forum to discuss a simple flow chart for the treatment of constipation that will be presented to the steering committee. It was a very successful meeting thanks to the collaboration with our friends and distinguished guests - Jan Tack and Ronnie Fass.


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